Radicals Awards

Find Out Who Will Win the 2019 Radical Award

Don’t miss the inaugural Radical Awards celebration! Join us on Tuesday March 5th at Shoptalk in Las Vegas to celebrate and congratulate the 10 remarkable Radical Finalists and find out who will win the 2019 Radical of the Year Award at our awards breakfast.

The Radical Awards were created to recognize to recognize the individuals who are transforming “old world” retailer models, brands and other consumer-facing businesses. We created the Radicals Awards to focus on individuals who have a much higher hurdle than the so-called tech-driven upstarts.  They must fight to transform organizational, cultural and antiquated processes and structures that are no longer effective in new world business models. This differentiates our awards program over all the others out there. And we believe these Radicals will be big winners.

Steve Sadove, former CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue will deliver a special inspirational message to the Radicals and you’ll have a chance to learn more about the winners over breakfast. Celebrate your peers for their transformational roles in shaping the future of retail.

The Radical Awards Breakfast Celebration
Tuesday, March 5th
7:00 AM to 8:15 AM
Casanova 501 and 502, directly under the Exhibit Hall, Sands Convention Center at Shoptalk


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